Main features in this movie
Method One: Html5 application for Browser (WebGl).
Product viewer with annotations: It is recommended to show products and explain their features. It can be a successful alternative to static image into an e-commerce page. You can  also show how a product works through an animation.
Method Two: Applications for Smartphones and Tablets.
Viewer of products and configurator, with annotations and link to e-commerce. It is recommended to show, cusomize and insert products into different environments (e.g. your home). It is also recommended for walkthrough interior design visualizations. Designers and manufacturers can choose the features they wish to add.
It is possible to try the demo application EXCustom, for Android, at this link to Google Play Store:
Method Three: Augmented Reality applications.
This method is recommended to visualize objects in the customer environment. It is possible to customize products during the Augmented Reality session, and link the application to an e-commerce web page.
Method Four: 360° Render.
This method is recommended to visualize Show room, interior deign, museum and exhibition. It is possible create several of this spheric images and move from one sphere to another (like as Google Street View). It is also possible interact with some elements, display texts, and links to external web pages.
Method Five: 3D video.
It is recommended to show the Creation process of a product, or explane features, or show how to use a product.
Method Six: 3D Render - still image for brochures.
It is recommanded to create brouchures of products on paper or websites, or to show architectural and interior design projects. It is possible to make photo realistic renders using only virtual elements, or compositions with photographs (real world) and 3D elements (virtual world).
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